Services of Metrogaz Invest LLC

Our strength is in our wide network of connections and relationship around the world allowing us to source the highest quality materials at the most competitive price.

We have direct working relationship with Russian and Middle Eastern refineries as the sellers/mandates. We connect genuine sellers and buyers. Our company strictly adhere to international rules and procedures.

Our strength is in our expertise in logistics which in many oil products is a major aspect of the price. And our strength is in our financial expertise in facilitating the deal. As such our loyalty and endeavours are directed solely towards facilitating the best deal possible between buyers, traders and sellers.

Our services are mainly grouped under two titles: Brokering Service and Consultancy Services.

1) Brokering Service:

We are mainly dealing with the commodities of petroleum products such as Mazut M100, Diesel D2 and Jetfuel JP54. We do not limit ourselves with our sources and we always focus on the needs of our clients. Scope of our brokering service is including but not limited to the following items:

a) Valued price offers from reliable refineries, title holder resellers and suppliers.

b) Ensuring the genuine due diligence process and Management of all transaction procedures.

c) Contract management and ensuring legality.

d) Logistic management including the Freight forwarding and shipping arrangement.

For brokering service, we only work under official mandate of our clients (buyer or seller) as their agent.

2) Consulting Service:

We are giving consulting service for customs transactions in Asia region specifically South East Asia. Our scope of service is including following items:

a) General Procedure for contract and agreements check.

b) Special Certificates if needed and advise on import / export clearance permits.

c) Customs Tariff & Port Information.

We are providing this service free of charge for our brokering service clients.